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Shawarma Family Plates

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Please read below to learn about allergy alerts we have mentioned.


Common Allergies

  1. Seed Allergies
    If you’re allergic to seeds, avoid ordering the following: sesame, tahini, or hummus, or chicken shawarma.
  2. Nut Allergy
    If you’re allergic to nuts, avoid ordering the following: hummus, mustachio, almond, walnut and baklava.
  3. Dairy Allergy
    If you’re allergic to dairy products, avoid the following: sweet sauce, tazika sauce, shish tawouk, chicken shawarma.
  4. Egg Allergy
    If you’re allergic to eggs, avoid the following: garlic sauce (contains fresh eggs whites).
  5. Gluten Allergy
    If you’re allergic to gluten, avoid the following: bread, fattoush, pitta bread, saj bread, pitta chips, hummus, cabbage, garlic and pickles.
  6. Semolina
    If you’re allergic to semolina, avoid the following: non gluten free