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    Jerusalem City

    Jerusalem Shawarma

    the best mediterranean cuisine in Calgary

    Beef Shawarma

    Why we’re the best mediterranean restaurant in Calgary?

    Our mission is to change the concept of Shawarma that is understood by the majority of people to be a low quality fast food. We are determined to make Shawarma a high quality fast food and meet various diet needs by our customers.

    We introduced gluten free, vegetarian, and organic meals to our menu to satisfy our health conciuos customers. Our falafel are 100% organic as well as our hummus. With our meats, we only use AA Canadian beef or higher and we never freeze our food. Beef used does not contain any hormones. Our food is prepared in front of our customers to be 100% transparent. Our vegetables are organic and fresh. Our spices come from the motherland (Palestine) including olive oil, spices, herbs and Thymus.

    We bring high standards when preparing our food, the cooking area is always clean, the cooks use different gloves with each service and everything is sanitized to minimize any health and safety issues.

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